Vs the Shadows

Vs the Shadows

Returning to town for some much needed and deserved R&R, the party fought back an incursion of shadow plane creatures. Recruited to the cause by the organization dedicated to fighting this shadow threat, the party was sent to a lighthouse up the coast, to determine if any shadow incursions had occured. Driven from the lower level of the lighthouse by wraith attacks, the party took an airial assault to the top of the tower, which was guarded by a naga. Defeating the naga, the party descended to battle a mage of great strength, who used defensive and offensve runes to great effect. Realizing the runes were the key to the battle, the party eventually destroyed the runes, lessening the power of the mage and making him vulnerable to attack. Almost slipping away invisibly, the mage was stopped by a web spell, and Duras’ blade. Returning to town with the mages dead body, a speak with dead spell enabled the party to find a clue to his accomplice, and a lucky break enabled them to find him, hidden as the town’s absent-minded professor/sage. Developing an elaborate ruse to fake the sage’s death, the sage was teleported out to cooperate with authorities in providing information. Knowing that the Shadow forces are attempting to spread their influence and are in league with the Sea Princes, it is felt that an invasion of the area is inevitable. Defensive preparations begin.



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