Vs the Giants

Vs the Giants

After helping defend the town from a multi stage attack, the party went on the road to take the fight to the giants and rescue any kidnapped townspeople that were still alive. After bribing a ogre for vital intelligence, the party made their way surrepetitiously onto the plateau of the giants, trying to frame the red dragon for combats with the giant forces along the way. Realizing a frontal assault would be suicide, they stumbled upon a cave system down a shear rock cliff, that eventually led to a long forgotten back door into the lower reaches of the giant citadel. After rescuing some townspeople (were any Duras clansmen part of this group?), the party eventually met Mokmorian, the giant responsible for the attacks. After a very protracted running battle, eventually the exhaustive melee ended, and Mokmorian was defeated. The giants turned out to be under his evil sway, and without his leadership, did not wish to continue the fight against the surrounding lands, returning to their more natural, neutral stance towards others.



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