Vs The Cards (and furry guys)

Vs The Cards (and furry guys)

While strategizing in the local bar and grill, Bernard notices that the party is being eavesdropped on by an outsider. Upon facinating him, then confronting him, Judas coyly insinuates he wants to defect from the Sea Princes, but wants to play cards first. The evening becomes a Hold ’Em fest, with the mage and Judas winning the night. Bernard intervenes to confuse Judas, and eventually he confesses that he does want asylum from the Princes, and provides information to help in the coming invasion.

The Princes plan in a month or so to send a thousand or so troops to a landing point between Sandpoint and Haskenport, and march simultaneously north and south attacking each. Duras sends a runner to warn Fr Mulcahy in Sandpoint.

The party contacts the Enclave of Light, which pledge to teleport in with support including scouts.

The party teleports to Sujah, and convinces them to send aid, in the form of 100 chariot archers, and military advice (in the person of Instructor Maltruice, the party’s first advisor in Sujah), in return for a 2/3 discount on tarrifs. The party also buys supplies/military hardware from Sujah.

Duras consults with the Harbormaster on likely landing points between Haskenport and Sandpoint, and sends out his scouts to identify strategic locations for ambushes, traps and hit and run tactics, which is felt is the only way to handle such a large, regular regimented force.

Travelling to Dagger Falls in search of aid, the party finds themselves in the midst of a lycanthrope assault. Taking on a werewolf lord and two giant wereboars is no easy task, especially with no silver weapons. After much wailing (by the party) and gnashing of teeth (by the lycanthropes), the party still wobblely stands. A grateful Randall Morn pledges 100 archers for the defense of Haskenport.

Remaining allies to seek aid from:
Other towns/cities along the coast…the Princes plan to march south from Haskenport so they have a vesting interest in helping.
Natural adversaries of the Sea Princes…it was felt that Geoff or Keoland may be willing to aid us in our battle with the Princess (actually looking at the map it makes much more sense if it is Keoland, which also abuts the sea and is near the Princes, turns out Geoff is a number of countries removed, and is landlocked).
The Shield Owner’s Family…Bernard knows through his bardic lore knowledge who the shield belonged to…it is hoped that bringing news of the shield and where it was found, and perhaps returning the shield to the family, may win us new friends and further support.
The Sahuagin…living in the sea, could they be drawn upon for some support?
Warmage College of Tarith Minas…can Madu & Pakel convince them to lend some aid?



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