Loot 12/10/11


cloak resistance +3 (Vahsh will take)
MW composite longbow +4 2,000 gp
Cloak resistance +2 4,000 gp
Heavy steel shield +3 (reserve for Duras, in case he has to give his current shield to its former owner’s family)
Ring Counterspells (wizard will take)
+2 mithril chain shirt 5,000 gp
10,000 gold
Medalion of Thoughts 12,000gp
Gems, 900 gp value total
Gauntlet Ogre Power (Duras will take)
Gauntlet of Rust (Duras will donate to party treasure)11,500 gp

total of sold items divided by 2 = 17,250 gold
plus gold and gems of 10,900
equals grand total of 28,150 gp
divided by five chars = 5,630 gp each


Loot 12/10/11

Sujahpalooza Drizzit