Vs. our neighbors

Vs. our neighbors

Hearing reports from our scouts of strange activity in the town to the south, the party travels down to check things out. The town in under the impression it needs to raise money to reenchant an item to protect it from the plague. Smelling a rat, the party manages to dispel an enchantment on the local cleric, who further supports the suspicion that a scam is ongoing. The party travels to the local shrine, being jumped in the process by a few bears and a forest gnome. Beating back the attack, the party moves on to the shrine, only to be beseiged by gargolyes, a spirit naga, beher, and the aforementioned forest gnome. After a protracted battle, the party retreated after defeating the gnome and the gargoyles, and returned the next day to find the shrine abandoned. Using speak with dead on the gnome, it was confirmed that it was a scam to shake down the town for money. In appreciation, the town pledges to provide BEER! Libations that will provide our troops defending our town from invasion with +1 morale bonus.



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